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Seoul, Soul of Asia – Foodeat, Soul of Fine FoodMarch 12th, 2018

Seoul, Soul of Asia, is an international city that has become a hub for global business, industry, transportation and culture. Foodeat, Soul of Fine Food, will become the trade show of reference in the Fine Food industrythat is targeting the global Asian market Every corner of SEOUL, breathes the history of Korea and the spirit of innovation. South Korea, and especially SEOUL is the laboratory for new trends in Asia. So, we could not miss the opportunity to develop the FOODEAT experience in Seoul. In every corner of FOODEAT, you will feel the atmosphere of the Fine Food, gourmet food, wines and spirits of exception … FOODEAT will be the biggest Fine Food corner in Asia, where you will find all the new products that you’re looking for to surprise your clients, to make your business different and to innovate with the most qualitative products from all over the World. Only in SEOUL: Are you curious to know what you can only experience in SEOUL? Find out here what those things are and figure how SEOUL has completely revamped a familiar experience out. Visit us: Only in FOODEAT: Are you curious to know what are you going to experience with FOODEAT? Find out here why FOODEAT will be completely different compared to any other show for you. Visit us: