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Our added-value : business meetingsJune 24th, 2018

Thanks to our experience and over the last few exhibitions we attended, we noticed by talking to professional that the weak point of most of the exhibitions was the difficulty to find the right partnership in this crowd of professionals people (and sometimes even non-ones, when the fair is opened to the public.)

Even though you are the best sales representative ever and you prepare your fair in advance by getting all the information about visitors, other exhibitors etc., you will not be able to meet the right person if this one is simply not… attended the show. That is why our staff will be dedicated to choosing the best of VIP buyers in order for you to meet potential partners or customers and expand your company's network within the Fine Dining sector.

 Moreover, you probably already noticed that it is extremely difficult to enter the Asian market if you do not know someone on-site, and especially someone you can trust!

Every of these VIP buyers will, of course, be chosen for their reliability and power to increase your business in Asia !

• How does it work ?

A matchmaking business meeting that VIP buyers plan in advance with a business partner who presents an interesting profile for their business (as per your description). All the information will be released along with the way in your exhibitors’ area, stay tuned!