Exhibitor Registration


Benefits Of Choosing Foodeat

If you are a producer or a distributor of one (or several) of the products below, you can not miss the opportunity to take part in the FOODEAT adventure to conquer the most booming market in your industry.
  • Delicatessen products: Country specialties, regional specialties, cured meats, foie gras, soups, salads, etc.
  • Grocery products: Condiments, oil, salt, spices, pepper, pasta, rice, truffles, vinegar, etc.
  • Sweet products: Bread, candies, cakes, chocolate, confectionery, desserts, honey, ice-cream, jams, “viennoiserie”, etc.
  • Dairy products: Milk, yoghurt, cream
  • Seafood products: Caviar, fish
  • Beverages: Juice, soft drinks, sodas, syrups, water, tea,coffee, beer, cider, etc.
  • Wine and spirits: Excellence in Wine & Spirits by Foodeat with AOP and IGP Wine and Spirits Producers

“2 DAYS OF INTENSIVE BUSINESS” Participation fees starting from USD 3,985
(all inclusive stand, see details below)


Space Only

Would you like to be contacted for the design of your stand? Contact us: exhibitor@foodeat.net.

If you already have a stand contractor, you will find all the technical information in the exhibitor area after sending your registration for the space.

US$ 275/sq. m(minimum 27 sq. m)

Standard Stand

  • Bare space, wooden made structure with laminate,
  • Storage room (1 sq.m) with lockable plastic sliding door,
  • Fascia board made of wood with laminate, with company name sticker cut out and country flag,
  • Long hanging fascia with laminate, with booth no of sticker cut out, and a choice of picture among 4 options (tick your choice on the picture),
  • White wooden showcase with shelves, wooden made with laminated,
  • “Furniture pack” which includes 4 black “leather” chairs, a white round table, a welcoming desk with company logo of sticker cut, a waste paper basket,
  • 2 power sockets, 1 long arm spotlights,
  • Water access (to be shared).
If you book 2 or 3 standard stands, the partition walls can be removed between each 9 sq.m.
US$ 3,985 – 9 sq. m (including a 1 sq. m storage space)


Items of the standard stand x 4 and:
  • 1 storage room of 4 sq. m shared by the 4 stands with an individual access to each stand,
  • 4 open sides,
  • A tower sign with 4 sides with the pavilion name printed on each side.
US$ 17,440 – 36 sq. m (including 4 sq. m storage space)


  • Bare Space, glossy laminated block wooden made structure, grey carpet,
  • Lockable Storage room with plastic sliding door,
  • Fascia board made of glossy laminated block wood, with company name, logo, stand number,
  • 2 showcases in glossy laminated block wood,
  • 1 welcome desk with logo printing on the front,
  • “Furniture pack” which includes 4 black leather chairs, a round table,
  • 2 power socket, 4 spotlights
  • Water access (to be shared)

(*) Furniture pack and welcome desk will be doubled for each additional 12 sq.m of space

US$ 535/sq. m Minimum 12 sq. m
(including a storage space of 2 sq. m)